Dan + Jenn | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Wedding

I’m super excited to finally share the images from Dan and Jenn’s beach wedding in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.  Being my first time in Costa Rica, I was so inspired by this new and exciting environment that I couldn’t wait to photograph the wedding!

Dan and Jenn are avid surfers who surf the Canadian coast in Tofino, Vancouver Island where they reside (so jealous!).  They make the trip to Costa Rica yearly to enjoy the world-class surf and pristine coastline, so naturally this was the perfect location to say “I do”.

The morning of the wedding, several family and friends met on the beach to assemble the ceremony location.  Believe it or not this set-up was all created “on-the-fly” with driftwood and palms found on and around the beach…simply awesome.   Then as I heard it, someone knew someone who had a guitar and was going to show up to play for Jenn’s walk down the aisle.  Well, this someone was right, and he played and sang amazingly.   As Jenn walked with her father from the jungle to the beach she giggled and laughed the entire time!  I had to stop and laugh myself because she was literally jumping up and down with excitement.   Once Jenn met her groom at the arbor the guitarist would not stop playing!  It was hysterically funny and yet awkward at the same time.  We all had a good laugh and eventually he stopped so they could proceed with their vows.  Jenn and Dan were completely smitten, beaming, and laughing as Jenn jumped up and down some more.  My cheeks were actually hurting from smiling so much because the joy of the moment was completely contagious.  Following the ceremony everyone toasted the newlyweds with champagne and we managed to sneak in a few photos before the sun dipped below the horizon, which literally happens in a matter of minutes when you are that close to the equator. (Good to know!) Dan and Jenn then took off down the beach on a their fittingly adorned ATV where the festivities continued at Shaka Surf Retreat. It truly was a beautiful, laid-back wedding with a great group of people.

Congratulations to the newlyweds Dan and Jenn on your perfect seaside wedding.  I enjoyed every minute of my time with you and your families and it was an honor to capture this piece of paradise for you.   I hope to catch up with you two in Tofino one day!


…and be sure to check out some of the highlights from their photo booth from a previous post 🙂


Because the twilight did not allow for a lot of photos of Dan and Jenn on their wedding day, we got together the following day for a trash the dress photo shoot.  I had found a couple of spots of interest in my scouting and I was super excited to continue with their photos.  Jenn looked amazing with her hair down, all beachy and causal with a hibiscus flower picked from the jungle path…and did I mention she found her dress second hand for under $100 and she looked like a million dollars!  The back of her dress was so elegant and GORGEOUS making me a little reluctant to “trash it” but they were ready for anything I threw at them.  After a couple of locations, (my favorite being under that lone tree on the rocks)  the sunset crept up on us again so we all got in the waves and finished our shoot fittingly in the water.  Sad that the shoot and my time in Costa Rica was a wrap, but so happy to have met them, and shared some incredible days in such a stunning setting.

I have to give a special thanks to Steve and Glenda for taking such good care of me in Costa Rica and for really making me part of the family from the moment I arrived.  You made this adventure truly special and I can’t thank you enough for your company and hospitality.  Looking forward to some drinks on the island with you and hopefully a photo trek or two Steve!

Mel xo

May 5, 2012 - 7:26 am

Anna - Simply stunning. You really captured the joy of the day and I love the candid shots. Beautiful trash the dress photos as well. The bride is radiant.
Love your work!

May 5, 2012 - 6:25 pm

Steve & Glenda - Mel,

Your beautiful photography made me laugh and cry. I believe it is a compliment to say “These pictures are dope!”

You are an amazing artist. Congratulations!

Best regards,
Steve & Glenda

May 8, 2012 - 1:53 pm

Jessica - Love these! This is the happiest couple I have ever seen! Beautiful work.

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