Andrea, Hadley and sweet little Arielle | Toronto Lifestyle Photo Session

It was a pleasure to be invited into Andrea and Hadley’s home recently to document them with their beautiful 6-month-old daughter Arielle.  After photographing their wedding at Graydon Hall Manor awhile back, it was lovely to meet their new little love, Arielle  and to see how their lives have changed since their wedding day.  This shoot nearly didn’t happen, as I was expecting my second daughter that very week, but I am happy it worked out and I was able to capture some sweet moments in the comfort of their home.  I look forward to documenting them again as Arielle grows into a tiny little lady.


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Congratulations Nicole + Clark | Rosewater Toronto Wedding

We had the privilege of photographing Nicole and Clark’s wedding this past weekend at the Rosewater.  Despite the dark gloomy skies and damp chilly air, we lucked out with no rain or snow!  With a fun and entertaining wedding party along with their sweet family and friends surrounding them, it was a beautiful spring day to us.  Congrats Nicole and Clark, looking forward to sharing more images with you soon.

M + I

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Verve Photo Co.’s newest addition coming soon!

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A big change for me is just days away.  My second daughter is due to arrive anytime now and we are anxiously awaiting the signs of labour.  I photograph a lot of maternity and newborns, a part of my job that I really love.  I go into the homes of my clients and ask them to allow me to be part of their environment, to allow me to capture moments that will commemorate this special time in their lives. It only seems fitting that I share a glimpse into my life, and my pregnancy with my family.  Our daughter Bijou is nearly three and is going to be the best big sister.  She has been my little helper throughout, and believes that she has a “kitty cat” in her tummy while mommy has a baby. It should be interesting to see when the baby arrives how we handle the “kitty cat” situation…with 3 dogs already our household is full!

These photos were taken in Trumansburg NY on my birthday and the start of my last trimester.  Although my wife isn’t present in these images, she captured them, which makes them extra special to me.

Wish us luck over these final few days, and be prepared for a birth announcement soon.


Toronto maternity photography, documentary maternity toronto

maternity photography toronto, documentary maternity photography torontomaternity photography toronto, documentary maternity photography torontoToronto maternity photography, documentary maternity photography toronto

February 12, 2014 - 4:29 pm

Melissa - Beautiful Mel! KC is quite the photographer! Best Wishes to the newest addition to your family!

Lucy + Tu | Toronto Winter Engagement Session

Toronto winter engagement, Toronto beach engagement

It was a VERY cold and windy afternoon, but we decided it was now or never for our winter engagement session.  I met Lucy and Tu at the Toronto Beach where the water was raging and the snowfall made it a challenge to keep your eyes open.  It’s hard to believe that this beautiful landscape is part of downtown Toronto, as it looked so desolate once we were out there.  I immediately fell in love with our surroundings, and the sun peaked out for just a minute or two to capture a glimpse of the rays reflecting off the lake. We had some fun moments with a couple of dogs who decided they would join the shoot…wet doggy kisses for Lucy and Tu and another decided to steal my mittens. We had a good laugh, and the mittens were eventually returned!

I’m looking forward to being a part of Lucy and Tu’s wedding this summer where (hopefully) the weather conditions will be a little more forgiving.


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Heather + Jeanette | Married, Ithaca, NY

I can’t believe this happened!  After 15 + years together my best friend Jeanette married the love of her life after announcing they were expecting their first child together.  Even more special, they married on my birthday in an intimate ceremony and are expecting their daughter to arrive the same week as my second daughter.  I can’t describe how their friendship has changed my life.  They were there for me during the hardest of times, and inspired me to find the love I deserved.  Today at 2:42am they welcomed baby Naava into their lives and I am so overwhelmed with joy for this next stage of their life.  I was hoping we could have our daughters on the same day, but for now, my baby girl is staying put!  Congratulations Heather and Jeanette.  I love you both so much, and I can’t wait for our beautiful family reunion of ALL GIRLS!!!

Xo Mel

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February 7, 2014 - 7:18 am

Jennifer - Beautiful pictures. Congrats to the mommies to be.

June 2, 2014 - 1:46 am

Bassem Wedding Photographer in Toronto - Incredible photography (as always), – what gorgeous moments captured!